Triple vertical frame 2+2+2 Black Keemple Smart Home

Our black, minimalist, triple vertical frame with a glass panel for the G 2.0 system is the quintessence of modernity and elegance in your smart home. Designed to fit standard triple electrical boxes, it offers trouble-free installation and aesthetic harmony with various interior arrangements. Characterized by high-quality materials, it ensures not only durability, but also a luxurious appearance, making it a perfect complement to any modern room. Its unique design with a glass panel emphasizes the minimalist character, and the black color adds depth and sophistication, perfectly matching modern aesthetics. This frame is the perfect choice for people who are looking for advanced functionality combined with a unique and subtle design.

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Our black, minimalist triple vertical frame with a glass panel, dedicated to the G 2.0 system, is the essence of modern design and innovative functionality, perfectly meeting the needs of advanced smart homes. Precisely designed to work harmoniously with Keemple smart switches, our frame offers not only ease of installation, but also a perfect fit for any space, from modern apartments to elegant homes.

Made of high-quality materials, this frame guarantees not only long-term durability, but also a stunning aesthetic appearance. The glass panel adds exceptional elegance and subtlety, making it a distinct accent in any room, while maintaining a minimalist and modern design line. The black color of the frame attracts the eye and adds depth to the interior, offering a stylish contrast to light walls or discreetly combining with darker tones.

With the ability to mount three switches, our frame provides exceptional flexibility in managing a variety of home functions, from lighting to security systems and air conditioning, enabling users to create a personalized and highly functional environment. Its modern character perfectly combines with intelligent home systems, offering intuitive and convenient solutions for everyday life.

This triple vertical frame is more than just an element of equipment – it is a thoughtful combination of aesthetics and innovation that enriches the space in which we live, work and relax. Perfect for people who value modernity, minimalism and avant-garde design, our frame is a clear symbol of a modern lifestyle, where technology and design go hand in hand, creating a unique atmosphere and raising the comfort of use to a previously unattainable level.


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Panel dimension: 227*85

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