Szczęśliwa kobieta spędza czas w salonie, dom marzeń z inteligentnym oświetleniem, piękny widok z okna.

Smart thermostat

Heat your home and save on bills at the same time.

Smart Termostat
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W dłoniach telefon, na ekranie widoczne ikony urządzeń Smart Home Keemple, dom wyposażony w technologie smart home. Aplikacja Keemple 2.0

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Szczęśliwa rodzina, kobieta trzyma w dłoni tablet, spędzanie czasu razem w domu.

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As Keemple Polska, we are present on the Polish smart technology market since 2015.

By 2023, almost 20,000 flats had been equipped with our system.

So far, our business has mainly been based on supplying Keemple’s Smart Home system to developers such as Robyg, Dantex, Ronson, Profit Development and others. Residents of newly built housing estates have been supplied with our systems for their flats, along with comprehensive after-sales services.

In 2023, we decided to enter the consumer market as well.

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Smart czujnik ruchu
Inteligentny czujnik ruchu
Keemple Z-wave Smart Home Motion Sensor
Bramka do smart home
Bramka Keemple
The Keemple Z-Wave gateway smart home management centre is required for the device to function correctly


Keemple Z-wave Smart Home Water Sensor

399 zł

Keemple smart camera with Smart Home motion sensor

399 zł

Z-Wave Smart Home Security Kit

2799 zł

Z-Wave Smart Home Starter Kit

1599 zł

Keemple – Your Everyday Life in the SMART Version!

Everything under your control

Using Keemple, you control all the appliances in your home.

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Nowoczesny salon w stylu japandi, dom z zaawansowanymi technologiami, smart TV, podłoga w jodełkę francuską, zamontowane oświetlenie w mieszkaniu.

Wherever you are, you have full control over the lighting in your home. You gain convenience and take care of your bills.

Thanks to opening and closing sensors, you always know when your doors and windows are opening or closing.

A motion sensor. With intelligent motion sensors, everyday life will become simpler and more pleasant. Sensors will turn the light on or off at the perfect moment.

Properly programmed thermostats in radiators will provide heat and save energy and money.

Intelligent air conditioning

Curtains and blinds equipped with an electric drive can be controlled by you using your smartphone or tablet.

All the media you usually control with your remote control can be controlled with the Keemple app.

You can decide at any time whether you want the power socket to be active. Don’t wonder if you turned off the iron when leaving the house.


Feel at home by choosing smart home system components from Keemple. The ability to control parameters such as lighting or temperature guarantees comfort and convenience at the highest level.


Keep yourself and your family safe even when you are away from home. Try out the Keemple system and see how easy it is!


Did you know that by investing in Keemple appliances you save money? By monitoring your water or electricity consumption in real time, you can take action at the right moment, thereby reducing the amount of money you spend on bills.

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Online store with smart home devices – a wide range at an attractive price

In our shop you will find everything you need to furnish your smart home in a way that is practical and functional, but also affordable. Choose from devices from Keemple with a focus on security, cost-efficiency and comfort. We guarantee the highest quality, going hand in hand with affordable costs. Enjoy your shopping!

Smart appliances – which ones should your smart home definitely be equipped with?

A home can only be called smart if it is equipped with smart appliances, devices and installations that allow individual parameters to be controlled via an app. Which of these elements do you and your family absolutely have to bear in mind when you want to create a 21st century home? These are primarily:

  • smart lighting in the form of smart light switches and dimmers,
  • smart sensors to check the current status of doors and windows,
  • smart socket,
  • smart cameras,
  • media controller.

read more

Smart home – smart solutions for your household

The term smart home gained popularity with the start of the intense development of the high-tech industry in the 21st century. Now, the dream of a remote-controlled flat has become a reality. The smart home is an increasingly common alternative to a traditionally furnished dwelling, and devices and installation elements such as remotely controlled sensors or surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly common in the homes of many Poles. A smart home offers countless advantages – it is a comfortable, intuitive and secure solution for the future.

By investing in a smart home, you are ensuring a better future for yourself and your loved ones. This option helps to reduce your bills and thus save a lot of money. Even when you are away from home, it is possible to switch off the lights or turn off the tap at any time via the app, which reduces electricity and water consumption. The costs spent on individual appliances, installations and smart home controllers, on the other hand, will be recovered in the form of reduced electricity, gas and water bills.

A smart home not only saves a great deal of money, but also ensures security at the highest level. Smart smoke, carbon monoxide or gas detectors, as well as remote-controlled cameras, prove to have much better technical performance than their traditional counterparts.

A properly configured smart home system independently adjusts the individual parameters to the needs of the occupants. These include, for example, light intensity and colour, as well as ambient temperature. All of this makes both you and your family feel much more comfortable in your own home.