The Keemple Z-Wave gateway smart home management centre is required for the device to function correctly

The Keemple gateway is the central smart home device that connects everything in a Z-Wave network. Z-Wave was specifically developed for smart homes. Using this wireless control system, devices can be conveniently managed via the Keemple 2.0 app, available for both Android and iOS. The entire Keemple Smart Home system meets customer expectations and therefore combines high functionality with simplicity of use.

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Description of the action

The Keemple gateway communicates with Keemple Smart Home devices via a Z-Wave network. One gateway can be connected to 232 Smart Home system components. Depending on the model of your phone, you can download the free Keemple 2.0 app from the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). Once connected to the gateway, the app will enable you to both centrally control your home and create interactions between devices. It will enable you to receive notifications and check the status of your devices.

A smartphone that illustrates the operation of a smart home and applications for smart home devices.

The benefits of the gateway…

The gateway allows you to manage your devices remotely when you add them to the free Keemple 2.0 app. It links all the elements together so that they form a coherent system. This allows you to create schedules and scenarios for your Keemple Smart Home devices. You can also view the current status of devices in the app, to see if the smart device you are interested in is currently on or off. You can also switch them on remotely using the app without being at home. The Keemple 2.0 app allows for remote control of the Keemple Smart Home system from anywhere in the world. The Keemple 2.0 application allows you to remotely control the Keemple Smart Home system from anywhere in the world. Keemple’s Smart Home system allows you to control lighting, heating, roller shutters or air conditioning. It ensures convenience, security and savings.

How does the gateway work?

The gateway is powered via the included power supply (micro USB cable). In order for it to function correctly, it must also be connected to the internet network. It can be carried out in two ways. Automatically connect the Keemple gateway to the internet when you plug the LAN cable into it and connect it to the router. Alternatively, you can set up a connection to the router using Wi-Fi.

For these two reasons mentioned above, the gateway must be placed in a suitable location. It cannot be locked in a cabinet. In order to choose the best place for the device, it is important that it has access to power and can be freely connected to the internet. Its small size, modern and minimalist design make the gateway fit seamlessly into any interior décor. Its thoughtful design does not dominate the space, but subtly blends in with its surroundings. If you would like to learn more about our Keemple gateway, please visit our blog.


The Z-Wave network is a wireless communication technology used mainly in home automation systems. It operates using radio waves, eliminating the need for cables and making it easy to install and expand the system. In addition, it uses advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms to protect against unauthorised access and cyber attacks. Devices communicating on this network automatically select the most optimal communication routes, ensuring reliable connections. For more information on Z-Wave technology, please visit our blog.

The Keemple 2.0 app is available for free to owners of Android and iOS smartphones.

Phone screen with Keemple 2.0 app and devices in Keemple 2.0 appThe app is available on Android devices (Android 9 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 11.0 and above).

Control your device using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Phone screen with Keemple 2.0 app and devices in Keemple 2.0 app. The man is holding a phone. The Keemple Smart Home system can be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Product specifications

Wireless protocol

Z- Wave, Wi-Fi

Power supply

5V DC, 2A


868.42 MHz
2.4 GHz


outdoors – up to 100 m
indoors – depends on conditions

Dimensions (mm)



Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa


Device management



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