Triple horizontal frame 2+2+2 White Keemple Smart Home

Our triple frame offers the possibility of elegantly mounting three G 2.0 system switches close to each other. perfectly fitting our devices installed in a standard triple electrical box installed horizontally. This configuration allows the use of both double switches, providing an aesthetic and practical solution for your smart home. Our horizontal frame is the perfect combination of functionality and style, allowing easy integration into modern home systems.

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Our elegant triple frame is not just an accessory, but a well-thought-out solution for those who value the combination of high functionality with modern design in their smart home. Designed with the G 2.0 system in mind, it allows for trouble-free installation of three switches in close proximity to each other, which optimizes space and increases ergonomics of use.

Precisely constructed to blend seamlessly with devices mounted in a standard, horizontally installed triple junction box, our frame is synonymous with adaptability. This solution is particularly appreciated in modern interiors, where every detail and the ability to personalize the space count.

With the diverse needs of our customers in mind, the frame has been designed to enable the installation of double Keemple switches. This flexibility allows you to adapt the lighting system to the user’s individual requirements and preferences, while maintaining a coherent and elegant appearance of the entire set.

In addition to functionality, our horizontal frame is distinguished by its unique style. The subtle but refined aesthetics of this product make it not only a practical, but also a decorative complement to any room. This is an ideal solution for people who are looking for a way to express their style through details, without sacrificing the highest quality and innovative technological solutions.

Thanks to the ease of integration with modern home systems, our frame opens the door to the world of intelligent lighting, which you can adapt to your daily rhythm, life scenarios or even mood. It’s more than an accessory – it’s the key to creating a space that lives with you.

By choosing our triple frame, you are investing not only in aesthetics, but above all in the comfort and functionality of your smart home. It is a well-thought-out solution that harmoniously combines advanced technology with elegant design to make every day in your home even more special.

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Panel dimension: 227*85

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