Double vertical frame 2+2 Keemple

The double frame allows you to install two switches for the G 2.0 system at a short distance from each other. Fits a standard double electrical box mounted vertically. Vertical plate in the following configuration: double switch and double switch.

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The vertical double plate allows any two Keemple devices with a touch panel (light switch, dimmer, blind controller) to be placed next to each other. This white plate has been designed to blend harmoniously with the wall and the Keemple Smart Home switches. Its subtle design creates a cohesive aesthetic, while the precision-crafted holes allow for smooth placement of the switches. This unique plate not only adds functionality but also aesthetics to your environment.

A living room arranged in a boho style with lighting that can be controlled using the Smart Home system and a double frame.

The vertical double plate is made of durable material, guaranteeing long-lasting strength and reliability. The white colour brightens up interiors while creating a great background for the advanced technology hiding underneath. Importantly, its installation is extremely simple, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly add a new level of aesthetics and functionality to your smart home. It is worth noting that white Keemple Smart Home double switch plate is a perfect addition to your smart home. Its carefully developed design fits perfectly into modern interiors, adding elegance and functionality.

The vertical plate ensures visual coherence between the different switches and panels in your smart home. This makes the whole system appear as a coherent unit, which emphasises the professional character. By choosing the vertical plate, you adapt the configuration of the switches to your own preferences. Therefore, you have the option to choose between different arrangements and configurations to respond to the specific needs of your home. Keemple Smart Home switches are designed with advanced features in mind, and the vertical plate can facilitate access to these functions, enabling more intuitive control of lighting, devices or scenarios.

Product specifications

Dimensions (mm)

Panel dimensions: 170*85
Dimensions of the plate under the panel: 70*81



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