Keemple Z-wave Smart Home Smoke Detector

The Keemple smoke detector is a piece of equipment that will alert you with an audible signal or a notification in the Keemple 2.0 app in the event of an emergency. It is the ideal solution for increasing the level of security in your home. It communicates with other devices via the Z-Wave protocol.

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Security for your home

Thanks to photoelectric technology, the Keemple smoke detector is able to detect even slightly smouldering fires. When the device detects a danger, it sends a message to the gateway and emits an audible signal. This is a sign that informs the household members of the danger. In addition, the detector sends a notification to the Keemple 2.0 app. This allows you to respond to an emergency at any time, even when you are far from home. It also allows you to notify the relevant services in the event of an emergency. This element of Keemple’s Smart Home system increases control over the home and raises the level of security.The kitchen in the house, a place where a possible fire in the apartment may occur.

By integrating with elements of our Smart Home system, such as the Keemple siren, the smoke detector creates a coherent and effective security network. This system ensures greater control over unplanned and dangerous situations in your home. Ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones today! Our smoke detector communicates with other devices using the Z-Wave network, making it less susceptible to interference than devices operating on a Wi-Fi network. n addition, Z-Wave technology is more energy efficient and therefore allows for longer battery life of such sensors. This is why we rely on Z-Wave technology in our devices, which was developed specifically for building smart homes.


The smoke detector can be added to the Keemple KP-GW-07 Gateway and can be used to its full potential using the Keemple 2.0 app.

The Keemple 2.0 app is available for free to owners of Android and iOS smartphones.

Phone screen with Keemple 2.0 app and devices in Keemple 2.0 app
The app is available on Android devices (Android 9 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 11.0 and above).

Product specifications

Wireless protocol

Z- Wave

Power supply

DC 2 x AA 1.5V


868.42 MHz


outdoors – up to 50 m
indoors – depends on conditions

Energy consumption


Battery life

1 year

Dimensions (mm)



Keemple gateway (via Z-Wave protocol)


Detects danger
Sound signal



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